Mindfulness Education

Athlete & School Connection

Professional & Developing Athletes

Learn how to utilize your mind to bring your game to the next level. We specialize in programs to support individuals and teams in realizing their full potential. Christina has worked with players of all age groups in multiple sports including: golf, basketball, field hockey and football. Get your mind in the game!

Public & Preparatory School Systems

The youth of today more than ever need tools and instruction for emotional resilience and self-awareness. Christina has experience weaving mindfulness education into the modern day curriculum to support schools with social emotional learning initiatives.

Be Centered In Motion©

Mindfulness Education by The Carnelian Connection

"Mindfulness should no longer be a 'nice-to-have' for executives.
It's a 'must-have': a way to keep our brains healthy, to support self-regulation and effective decision making capabilities, and to protect ourselves from toxic stress."
Harvard Business Review
Christina Congleton, Britta Holzel, and Sara Lazar. Mindfulness Can Literally Change Your Brain. (2015)

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