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Christina Dufour, Founder of the Carnelian Connection, delivers pioneering perspectives that challenge the way we perceive work-life balance, self-development, and creativity. She is excited and grateful for opportunities to enliven, educate, and inspire audiences world-wide. Christina is available for both live and virtual speaking events.

What a shift in perception can do when tackling some of today's biggest 'problems'! Christina presents practical solutions that increase well-being and enhance performance for both individuals and organizations. 

As a motivational speaker, Christina brings charisma and energy that draws in attention and inspires action to small audiences of 10-500 and larger conferences of 4000+ people, such as her presentation on 'Focus and Mindfulness' at the World Business Forum in NYC. She blends her professional business and mindfulness expertise with years of study in acting and dance to share educational messages with an enlivening delivery. 

Whether it's conference attendees, employees, management teams, or a general audience, Christina's talks have proven to engage audiences small and large, provide clear-cut solutions, and stir up inspiration for action.

Most Popular Speaking Topics
  • Work-Life Balance is a Myth - A Pathway to Inner Balance
  • Exchanging Self-Development for Self-Discovery
  • Surviving vs. Thriving Mindset
  • Team Leadership the Mindful Way - Get Your Team Moving up the Same Mountain
  • Empty Your Cup - What it means to have a Beginner's Mind
  • Filling a Toolbox of Mindfulness
  • Trusting the Process
  • There's Power in A Point of View - How Being Decisive Frees the Mind
  • Staying Creative in Calamity - Continuing to Innovate in Uncertainty
  • The Connection Between Stress and Tension


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"Mindfulness should no longer be a 'nice-to-have' for executives.
It's a 'must-have': a way to keep our brains healthy, to support self-regulation and effective decision making capabilities, and to protect ourselves from toxic stress."
Harvard Business Review
Christina Congleton, Britta Holzel, and Sara Lazar. Mindfulness Can Literally Change Your Brain. (2015)

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