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We are driven by a vision of a world where everyone gets to experience their personal power and realize their true potential. Our mission is to support today's top companies and executives as they drive performance improvement from a foundation of both personal and organizational well-being. 


​​As a center of Well-Being and Performance Coaching, we work with a select group of clients using proven methods and delivering exceptional service. You are unique and that is why every client interaction is tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.  

Be Centered In Motion©

Mindfulness Education by The Carnelian Connection


Christina Dufour supports clients to look inside themselves, strengthen the mind to adapt in adversity and bring their full presence to life. Well-Being meditations, tools, and practices serve as a foundation that leads clients to true... 


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Performance coaching for corporate teams. our team & workplace programs are designed to merge wellness and performance initiatives. We empower executives and employees with results-based practical tools for... 


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Motivational speaker Christina Dufour delivers pioneering perspectives that challenge the way we perceive work-life balance, self-development, and creativity. It's amazing what a... 



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The Carnelian Connection was founded by award-winning entrepreneur, Christina Dufour. Her Native American heritage combined with a business background & extensive certifications/training in mindful modalities gives her a unique ability to service organizations and individuals while living her purpose.


Christina has an affinity for understanding what makes people feel connected and alive. She believes that inner balance and attention management are the answer.


As a Mindfulness Educator, Motivational Speaker, and Performance Coach, she is dedicated to supporting you in discovering your purpose and passion while utilizing the power of choice and perception to bring your full presence to life.  


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Our 6-week course for Health Care Workers showed statistically relevant results for reducing stress in a University Quality Improvement Project. 

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Christina instructing meditation at the World Business Forum in NYC

Be Centered In Motion©

Mindfulness Education by The Carnelian Connection

"Mindfulness should no longer be a 'nice-to-have' for executives.
It's a 'must-have': a way to keep our brains healthy, to support self-regulation and effective decision making capabilities, and to protect ourselves from toxic stress."
Harvard Business Review
Christina Congleton, Britta Holzel, and Sara Lazar. Mindfulness Can Literally Change Your Brain. (2015)

​We've Helped Thousands Connect and Come Alive

"This corporate mindfulness program gives you a deeper understanding of your thoughts, emotions, and actions. It has helped me become more of a positive person not only in my personal life, but my work life as well."


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