Stress Reduction 1.2.3.

Stress reduction starts with you and ends in the reality of the present moment. Learn two simple 3 step techniques for reducing stress on the spot.


Feeling Stressed? Need Quick Relief? Follow these steps:

In the moment you notice a feeling of stress, you can create immediate ease in the body and mind by drawing your awareness to breath, even if it is just one breath. I recommend taking at least three mindfully slow and full breaths.

1. Pause.

Give yourself permission to take a time-out with no distractions right now for 30 seconds.

2. Connect

Take one long-slow, deep breath in, and one long-slow-controlled exhale out

Be present with the inhale. Be present with the exhale.

Repeat a few more times if you choose.

3. Transform

Notice how you feel. Take this presence and relief into each next moment.

"Learn to watch your drama unfold while at the same time knowing you are more than your drama." - Ram Dass

Feeling Stressed? Want to get to the bottom of it? Follow these steps:

Noticing when you are feeling stressed will be the first step to taking action toward reducing stress in your daily life. Once you make the intention to 'notice' this feeling of stress, a practice will naturally form to develop greater awareness around it. Now anytime you become aware that you are stressed, it will be prudent to take into account your choice for perception and/or action in the moment. The power of reducing and even squashing stress is available to us in any present moment.

1. Pause.

Give yourself permission to take a time-out with no distractions, right now, for 1-5 min.

2. Connect

Take one long-slow, deep breath in, and one long-slow-controlled exhale out

Be present with the inhale. Be present with the exhale.

Repeat a few more times if you choose.

Notice you are now in the present moment.

Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly.

Connect in and ask yourself

What is making me feel this stressed?

Find the facts.

What is the reality around your stress? What is the reality of your present moment?

3. Transform

Ask yourself, what is the next best step?

Consider the joyful choice.

Follow that still voice within.

"Everything changes once we identify with being the witness to the story instead of the actor in it." - Ram Dass

Stress comes to us for a number of reasons and when we look more closely, we can discover that much of the stress we experience begins with the circling of the mind into assumptions, expectations, worry, and/or fear. Many times stress comes from wanting things to be different than the reality that is in the present moment.

Sometimes embracing the way things are, accepting what you do and do not have control over, and looking reality in the face will allow stress to dissipate.

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change." - Wayne Dyer

Other times we must take additional action to change current unhealthy circumstances that are causing us stress if we want to experience relief.

"Exercise your courage and respect yourself enough to walk away from anyone or anything that is not serving you for the good." - Christina Dufour

Need more direction on how to understand the feeling of stress? Read more...

Have you ever been speeding in your vehicle? Feeling energy within rising as you press the gas petal down with full force. Tension fills the body while gripping your steering wheel with more strength. The thrill of excitement builds as objects on or aside the road pass by faster and faster.

Perhaps you were a passenger in the vehicle as your driver decided for an impulsive thrill and put the petal to the metal. Here you may become engaged and yet frozen with

excitement in the activity at hand. Or you may ball up in fear, filling with tension and anger until the voice within can't take it and yells at your driver.


Whether a driver or passenger, throughout life we can be in any one of the places described above. How often in life do you find yourself speeding through by your own action, or perhaps watching life fly by like a passenger in the rush of it all?

We know driving along any road there will be something that eventually makes us slow down, whether it's other vehicles, lights, or the end of the road. However, on the road of life the signals for slowing down aren't always so tangible, so obvious.

Even once we do slow down, to fully settle the effects one must come to a complete stop. That's only if a tragedy on the road doesn't stop us in our tracks first. Even though the thrill of driving at maximal speed can be exciting, to speed by in life poses as much risk if not more than on the road in your vehicle.

In the example of speeding, you notice no matter which seat you're in, there is a level of tension that comes over the body. In life we can relate this to stress. Whenever your mind or body is in a state of stress, it will produce a contracted or tense feeling. No surprise so many people under high levels of stress are known to clench their jaw. It may take some development of awareness to notice when you feel contracted physically, mentally, and/or energetically. However, once you become more sensitive to this subtle cue, you may use it as a signal.


The cue to stop feels more abrupt than a cue to slow down. However, there should be a sense of urgency when stress arises. I'll save time in delivering endless research on the destructive capabilities of stress. We all know it's an issue, so with that reality, it's more prudent to understand when we are feeling stressed and how to reduce this within our body and mind.

Life has many road signs and if you can move a little more slowly the signals are all there to see very clearly. Rushing through in life will only serve to blur those signs on or aside the road, just as in a speeding vehicle.

Stress reduction is simple, in that all it takes is for us to slow down and come to a pause in the moments when we are feeling a sense of contraction, tension, uneasiness, or stress.

Stress Reduction = Learning to stop. Or as I like to say, it's a time to press pause.

In that moment, you'll notice the answers are all there, loud and clear.

So the next time you feel a sense of stress, know it's a signal and choose to stop so you can listen.

Stress means Stop.

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