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January 13, 2017

Wilton Woman Teaches Mindfulness To Help Battle Modern Stress

WILTON, Conn. -- Ancient wisdom holds the secret to a modern-day problem — how to balance work, family, and still have time for yourself without being a stressed out disaster most of the time.

December 26, 2016

Carnelian Connection Teaches Mindfulness

The carnelian is a stone that is said to be helpful to people learning about themselves in the meditation process, and that is why Christina Dufour has named her new business in Wilton the Carnelian Connection.

Carnelian Connection services corporations in greater New York and Fairfield County, as well as families and individuals, with instruction in mindfulness, the way of being present in the moment and balancing work and life issues.

Dufour has provided her services in large-scale international meetings, such as the 2015 World Business Forum in New York City, and is currently...

Christina Dufour of Ridgefield, founder and president of the Carnelian Connection, was honored by Westfair Communications as a recipient of the first annual Milli Award. Dufour was recognized as one of Fairfield County’s millennial entrepreneurs whose business is making an impact on the community and in the lives of others.

Millennials in Fairfield and Westchester counties are running their own businesses, making an impact through volunteer work and contributing innovative ideas to transform companies.

High school athletic teams and corporations have signed up.

Local entrepreneur Christina Dufour decided this spring to bring fitness to where people need it the most — in their homes. This past spring Dufour launched Carnelian Connection, a company that provides fitness, yoga and other services to the residents of housing developments in the region. She started the operation recently at theRivington Club, which was created by Toll Brothers as an amenity to the Rivington development on the city’s west side.

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