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If listening on a cellular device, please disable auto-sleep functions to be certain your meditation does not get cut off. Best experienced using headphones.

Shamatha 'Mindfulness' Meditation
  • Our regular group seated meditation with guidance

  • Focused on breath

  • 15 minute Recording

  • Recommended practice

    •  4-5 times per week

    • 15-20 minutes

Shamatha 'Mindfulness' Meditation - Christina Dufour
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3 Center Check-In
& Journaling

Build Vertical Intelligence:

Bring more awareness to your cognitive, emotional, and somatic states with the 3 Center Check-In exercise.

Go Deeper in Self-reflection:

Use this practice as part of the Self-Reflection Journaling exercise detailed at the end of this recording.

3 Center Check In & Journaling - Christina Dufour
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Guided Grounding Exercise

A quick way to center yourself, relax, and ground into the present moment.

5 Minute Recording

Suggested Uses:

  • On the train into work

  • Once you first arrive at your desk

  • Before a business meeting

  • Before a conference call

  • After lunch upon return to work

  • Before eating a meal

  • Anytime you're feeling stressed, exhausted, or overwhelmed

  • Anytime you need extra focus for a particular project

Guided Grounding Exercise - Christina Dufour
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Guided Deep Relaxation

Try this meditation:

  • Upon returning home from work to de-stress and relax from a long day.

  • Before Bed for a more restful sleep.

  • Anytime your body and mind feel extra fatigued, stressed, or over worked.

  • If you feel you might be getting sick or you're just not feeling at your best.

10 minute recording

Guided Deep Relaxation - Christina Dufour
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Meditation for Challenging Times

Try this meditation:

  • When you're feeling fear and uncertainty but need to remain open to opportunities

  • When you need to reduce stress and panic

  • When you want to find courage in difficult times

15 minute recording

Meditation for Challenging Times - Christina Dufour
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"Mindfulness should no longer be a 'nice-to-have' for executives.
It's a 'must-have': a way to keep our brains healthy, to support self-regulation and effective decision making capabilities, and to protect ourselves from toxic stress."
Harvard Business Review
Christina Congleton, Britta Holzel, and Sara Lazar. Mindfulness Can Literally Change Your Brain. (2015)

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